AppearancesDennis Conner is best known for his accomplishments in the world of sailing. Winning an Olympic medal, an astounding four America's Cup victories and several dozen world championships has demonstrated the spirit, determination and staying power of a consistent winner. He also knows what it is like to lose (1983 America's Cup) and come back to the top (winning the America's Cup back from Australia in 1987).

Dennis Conner's is no less accomplished in the boardroom. Through his many enterprises he has achieved success by setting and meeting goals, putting together complex campaigns, raising funds and motivating a host of people in various environments.

In both arenas it takes more than talent, determination and will, it takes great leadership. Dennis has written several books on these subjects and has served as a speaker at numerous functions, conventions, fundraisers, and commencement events, including the commencement speech for the graduates at the United States Naval Academy, the University of South Carolina, and Green Mountain College.

Dennis is available to appear or speak at corporate events, private functions, fundraisers, etc., or to take you and 100 of your friends sailing on the Yacht "America."

For information on the costs, questions and dates,
please contact Bill Trenkle via e-mail or phone: 619-987-0162.

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